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Formed in 1985 ARS Companies have provided construction services to Western US customers for over 30 years. Headquartered in Denver, Colorado ARS Companies operates under the values of Trust, Communication, Loyalty, Vision, and Accountability

The ARS Companies is a privately held consortium consisting of six separately managed lines of business.  These lines consist of Soil Stabilization, Asphalt Recycling Services, Structural Concrete Services, Railway Transloading, Land Development Services, and Sand & Gravel Services.  All ARS lines of business maintain a safety program with a zero accident – zero incident goal. Creating a safe work environment for ARS workers and the public is priority one.

The ARS Companies belongs to various local and national affiliations, among them, AGC – Associated General Contractors Association, CCA – Colorado Contactors Association, and CAPA – The Colorado Asphalt Producers Association.

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The ARS Companies will leverage the power of global insight, relationships, collaboration and learning to deliver exceptional services by anticipating customer needs.

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Full Depth Reclamation: Pulverizing existing asphalt pavement into the sub-grade to improve existing conditions.  This process recycles 100% of the pavement materials, increases the thickness & strength of the base, eliminates the risk of reflective cracking, and allows one to restore the geometry, profile, & ride quality of the road.  

Full Depth Reclamation/Cement Treated Base:  This method is excellent for the road reconstruction process.  FDR is followed by the grading, shaping, & widening (if desired) of the existing road.  After the road is shaped the cement is spread across the grade, mixed, compacted, & graded.  The strength achieved from this process can allow for reduction of the pavement section.  You can pave right on top of the pulverized material or if you need to match existing grade of the old road you can pull out the desired depth of new pavement prior to CTS. 


Structural Concrete Services (SCS) has been providing turnkey services for a variety of structures for the last 15 years. We have completed projects on medical facilities, mid- and high-rise multi-family living, education facilities, multi-story office buildings/garages, large irrigation structures and a wide range of industrial/waste water structures.  We can provide a wide range of different concrete packages and take all new projects with an open mind to all ideas!
Areas of expertise include, but not limited to; Drilled piers, Spread or strip footings, Foundation elements (grade beams, pits, etc.), Slab-on-grade. Columns and walls, Elevated beam and slab systems



Sand & Gravel Services is a locally owned and operated recycler of concrete and asphalt.  Specializing in producing various products and providing quality materials that meet or exceed State and County specifications. Product Pricing.


Cement: Best utilized in sandy or sandy clay soil cement powder is spread on the ground, mixed, & compacted immediately.  Higher strengths are easily achieved by the soil cement process but it is best performed with proper engineering to prevent too high of strength because this can cause reflective cracking in your flexible pavements.



Hydrated Lime Slurry:  Only high purity high calcium or dolomitic limestone can be used.  Used to dry up, modify, & stabilize soil.  Immediate reactions include reduction in water content as well as flocculation/agglomeration of clay particles.  Long term benefits include a continued pozzolanic reaction between the clay & lime until recarbonation of the lime occurs.  By adding lime to clay soils you will actually change the chemical properties of the soil.  This process reduces plasticity, increases Ph, and reduces the swelling properties of the soil.  ARS employs the Hydrated Lime Slurry method which has numerous benefits over dry lime including the elimination of lime dust as well as the guarantee of full lime hydration. 

LTS/FA and LTS/CTS:  Typically if there is less than 7% clay present a lime/fly ash combination may be necessary.  Typically 1-3:1 Ratio of lime to fly ash is adequate.  The lime process is essentially the same except that at the time of remix you spread the fly ash or cement.  This process works very well when you are unable to achieve your design strength with lime only.


Fly Ash:  A byproduct of coal combustion, fly ash is typically very economical.  Because it is a byproduct adequate & consistent testing is critical.  FA is also widely used to dry up heavily saturated areas and provide a stabile working platform.  There can be many differences in the way FA is produced & the type of FA is critical to its ability to perform as specified.



Emulsion can be used as a highly effective rejuvenating agent in recycled asphalt. This is a great option for road reconstruction where road base is present underneath the existing asphalt. It can also be used as a cost saving option to typical asphalt pavement in more rural locations where there are lower traffic loads but you want to help eliminate dust issues associated with dirt roads.


By utilizing the reclaiming process ARS has the ability to inject water into the mixing chamber of our machine while mixing the soil. This results in a homogenous mixture of soil and water at optimum moisture ready for compaction. Moisture conditioning of the soil can often be achieved in one pass with the machine at depths up to 18 inches. This process can help increase production over traditional dicing/rip and water techniques. The cost benefits of this process can really be shown when it is difficult to break down the existing soil to a specified size while trying to achieve optimum moisture.

Hillcrest_20160803_Tank #2 - Backfill pl


Calcium Chloride, Magnesium Chloride, and Magnesium Lignin:  These products are mainly utilized to lower the freezing temperature of soil to increase workability as well as serve as dust control agents.  Magnesium blends are widely used in a topical application for dust control.  By mixing these agents into the upper 3-4" of soil the dust control benefits can be considerably extended as well as extending the time between required maintenance intervals.


Transloaders Inc. operates on a Union Pacific based rail spur located in old Stapleton Airport in Denver, CO. We specialize in loading and unloading many materials that are shipped, via rail, all over the nation.



HeadQuarters: 5190 Parfet St, Wheat Ridge, CO 80033, USA

(303) 456-0010

Sand & Gravel: 10900 Chatfield Lake Rd, Littleton, CO 80125, USA

(303) 346-8280

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