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Headquartered in Denver, Colorado with a branch office in Arvada, Colorado. ARS employs a work force of up to 200 employees. Formed in 1985 the ARS Companies is currently managed by President and General Manager Scott Reynolds. The Board of Directors is Kim Haarberg, James Anttonen, and Scott Reynolds.


The ARS Companies is a privately held consortium consisting of six separately managed lines of business.  The six lines consist of; SRS / Soils & Recycling Services, HES / Hydro Environmental Services, SNS / Sustainable Network Services, PDS / Land Development Services, SGS / Sand & Gravel Services, PDI / Performance Dynamics International.


These six lines of business all maintain a safety program with a zero accident – zero incident goal. Creating a safe work environment for ARS workers and the public is priority one.


The ARS Companies belongs to various local and national affiliations, among them the USGBC – United States Green Building Council, AGC – Associated General Contractors Association, CCA – Colorado Contactors Association, and CAPA – The Colorado Asphalt Producers Association.


All six companies are LEED - Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design driven with an emphasis on contributing sustainable services and products for the environment. The overall philosophy of the ARS Companies is to create and leave a footprint that contributes to a long term legacy for future pioneers to follow.

Vice President Compliance & Finance | Jarrett Keller | Call 303-456-0010